STEM Career Talks

Collection of career guidance videos from industry experts

in India, USA & Canada with a profile of MIT, IIT, NASA JPL, Amazon & many more

  • 1500+ minutes of career content

  • Monthly LIVE Webinars

  • Q&A Sessions

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Who is it for?

BE/BTech Students

Who want to build a strong career profile and understand options after bachelors 


Who want to advance in their career and understand the industry requirements         

Abroad Study Aspirants

Who want to know about the diverse STEM career prospects in USA & Canada

12th Sci Graduates (Maths)

Who need clarity to choose the right engineering field

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With career journeys and experiences of 40+ industry experts just a click away, you will get guidance on:

Industry Requirements

Important skills, job market, interview tips, and opportunities in India, USA & Canada

Diverse STEM Fields

Sub-fields, real-world applications, projects, inspiration, future prospects


Gain clarity in choosing the right career path (ex. technical, management, research, design, or startup)

Building a Strong Profile

With unique tips and suggestions, learn how to build a strong career background

Here are few of the universities and industry-leading companies our experts have studied in or worked with: