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Our Mission

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At Boarding Pass For Success, we are a group of engineers in USA & Canada, who intend to give back to the student community and lead them towards the path of innovation. Our aim is to:

Break Career Stereotypes

Provide awareness on the industry requirements with international exposure

Inspire Innovation

Inspire students on how they can leverage this knowledge and skills to solve real-world problems.

Change the Perspective towards Learning

Bring a change with how students perceive STEM and help them develop an application based approach towards learning

Meet the Founder


Khushboo Vaidya

Khushboo Vaidya is an entrepreneur, speaker and an engineer herself, with a masters degree in engineering from University of Waterloo in Canada and has experience working in companies like Blackberry and Brock Solutions.

Following her passion for helping students, in her spare time, she used to guide them with choosing the right career path. She then realized that because of limited knowledge, there are many misconceptions and stereotypes that block students from choosing the right career or advancing in the direction that aligns with their interests. This inspired her to start Boarding Pass For Success, where students can get the right information directly from the industry experts and gain insights on the diverse STEM fields and opportunities out there.

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