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The Trail - Part 2

While the leaves were swaying in the cool breeze, forming shadow on the ground and creating a jittery effect, she was sitting there on one of the benches with a smile on her face realizing that she didn't have to wait to do something she wants. She realized that if there is something that is driving her, she will find a way to do it no matter where she was. She didn't have to wait to pursue her dream, she could start that anytime she wants.

That day, she went home and started working on it with all her energy. It was a matter of months when she got the opportunity to start her new venture and the work she had begin earlier paid off well and helped her gain enough skills, experience and resources to accomplish her goals.

She realized that sometimes one has to to take a different path to realize and know something they have always known. Give yourself a chance to be free and explore and not get bound by place and time. Don't wait to follow your passion and heart because the universe works in mysterious ways and until you try, you will never be able to find a trail to your dreams.


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