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The Trail - Part 1

The trees had just started blooming and it was the beginning of spring. People were having a great time using the trails, enjoying the weather, children on the swings with smiling faces, benches that make you want to rest for a while and appreciate the beauty around. There she was sitting on one of those benches under the shade of the trees, seeing the shadow of moving leaves on the ground creating a jittery effect with a cool breeze blowing the hair off her face. She was smiling and was just there in that moment.

She used to walk home from her office everyday and see this trail on the way. She always felt like going there but never actually did and walked straight to her home. Every single day after her work, she used to think about her passion and dreams and how she could start working on it. She wanted to go to her country and do something that could contribute towards the society. She wanted to follow her heart and was getting tired and impatient to keep waiting and wondering when that time and opportunity would strike. Until today, when she was walking home from her work and saw the trail, she decided to change her path and walk towards it. She was happy to see greenery all around her and was feeling one with nature. She sat on the swings there, then walked ahead and saw a beautiful bench under the tree. She sat there feeling peaceful and calm, then started thinking about her life and her dreams when suddenly she realized something that brought a smile on her face.

Stay tuned for Part 2


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