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In The End, It Does Matter - Part 2

Something happened few weeks back that she hadn't paid much heed to and it was now crawling its way back and affecting other areas of her life. The memory flashed through in her mind: It was a perfectly normal day at work, she had finished a project and was thinking about her future when she realized 'This is what she was going to do for the rest of her life, working in the cubicle on the projects, maybe promoted in a few years, however she would still be doing the same work for the rest of her life'. This freaked her out a bit, but she brushed the thought away thinking it was unimportant.

Today, as her thoughts wandered, they brought her back to this episode when she realized what was bugging her all this while. She questioned herself if she really loved or even liked her work? Did she actually enjoy her work? She then thought about how she had joined the company in the first place two years ago. This company had been making rounds among the students in her university and she thought it the best to apply as well, to go with the flow. She traced her way back and wondered why she had opted for this field and career during her undergraduate and graduate degree and realized the reason was plainly because majority of the people around her chose it. She saw how others did things and learned to follow suit, just to fit in. She realized that all through her life she had just been going with the flow, without thinking or realizing what SHE wanted to do. This realization made her think that if she is not living the life that she truly desires, then it’s time for a change. Think about it and ask yourself, 'Do you enjoy your work?' Then ask yourself 'Do you really want to do this all your life?' If you are really doing what you have always wanted to do, the thought about it would fill you up with excitement and energy. But if this question freaks you out, make some time for self reflection and ask yourself what is it that you should be doing instead! Do not fall a victim to the bandwagon effect. Remember, it is never too late to start over than to regret about it later in your life.


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