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In The End, It Does Matter - Part 1

She realized she had been struggling talking to people at her office. Her confidence level went down and she had no idea what was going wrong. Her concentration level went way low that it hindered with her comprehending what people around her were talking about. She used to feel a sudden sense of sadness everyday and it pinched her. She tried talking about it with her closed ones but nothing came out of it. Everything was great, she had a degree, a job, great friends, supportive parents. Then why?

She came to her apartment late that day after work and tried to focus on what was going on with her. She lay in her bed, closed her eyes and thought of the anxiousness she had felt during the last few weeks without realizing what it was about. Her thoughts wandered through her memories. She thought about her everyday routine, her office, her work, when she realized something that happened few weeks back and suddenly opened her eyes..

Stay tuned for Part 2


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