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10 Ways To Beat Off Negative Emotions

"I get out of control when I get angry."

"I am not gonna eat today because I am upset."

"How can she do it if i cannot?"

"I feel anxious all the time."

How often have you said this or heard people say it! Many times, under these situations, you seem to get carried away and tend to loose your calm but it is also in your hands to get hold of yourself. Here are some ways you can make a transition from feeling those negative vibes to feeling wonderful and positive again.

1. Get a head massage

This one's my favorite and i am sure it is for most of you. Getting a head massage is like alleviating your mind from all the jumbled thoughts and hit the pause button. Don't you love it when you feel so light as if you can float in the air. This is a great way to restart and feel fresh.

2. Smile as often as you can

Smile is the most simple yet a very powerful weapon. Not only can it turn the tide when the cards are stacked against you or break the ice, but it can also do wonders for your inner self as well. Smiling signals your brain that everything is A-Okay and uplifts your mood, which changes your thought patterns and catalyzes into positive vibrations.

3. Place Love above all

It is instinctive to feel envy any time you look somebody else achieve what you wanted to, whether it be your friend, sibling, neighbor or any other person known to you. Human beings have evolved with social competition and sometimes it is not under your control to feel such emotions. However close you are with that person, you are bound to feel that green eyed monster jumping out. It is during those situations you ought to remember that Love comes above all those emotions and and that you cannot let any other emotion precede love. Instead of being covetous towards a friend who got a promotion, you should feel inspired and think "That's amazing. Now i will work hard as well towards my goals and accomplish them." Practice this anytime you feel envious and see the difference.

4. Music

Music has the power to bring you out from your high-strung mood to being chuffed to bits. Listening to the music makes you sing along with it and you are bound to feel uplifted, so anytime you are feeling low, play your favorite tracks and let it do it's magic.

5. Avoid procrastinating

Imagine your friend promised to go out with you during the weekend, you go gaga over the plan and then he/she ends up postponing it for the next weekend. How disappointing, right? Now, you are doing the same thing to yourself by procrastinating. It's hard not to but start with small to-do-lists and eventually make your way up. This will help you believe in yourself and eventually boost your confidence level and of course, make you happy.

6. Think of it as a test

Now this is something that needs practice but you can definitely do it. Imagine the times you have ruined the situation because of your anger and later regretted about it. Yes, everybody's been there but not anymore. Here's your cheat sheet. Whenever you feel that rage coming up and are about to burst into flames, think of the situation as a test. This will automatically pull you out of that frame of mind and you will start observing it as a third person, without taking it personally anymore, giving you a chance to analyze and respond instead of reacting to it. Trust me, if you are anything like this, you are surely gonna thank yourself later.

7. Talk it out

This is a great way to get your confound feelings out of your system. Call up a friend or your parents or any other closed ones and share your thoughts. You might also get to know their perspective, which can help you better understand the situation. This also works if you got a problem with someone, you can be straightforward about it and gently let that person know about it. This has a chance of finding out a solution rather than bothering you and eating you up inside.

8. Journal

If you cannot talk it out, writing a journal can also be at your aid to bring out the feelings when you do not understand them. Once they are in front of you, it's easier to introspect and as Anne Frank once quoted "I can shake off everything as I write, my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn", you can throw away all your burdens on the journal.

9. Exercise & meditate regularly

Many of us assume exercise as just a physical activity, but there's more to it. When you are working out, your body releases endorphins which makes you feel positive and is a great stress buster. If you are not a gym person, enroll for some group fitness class or try some sport or even go out for a walk. Yet another powerful tool is meditation. The moment i started meditating regularly, i wondered why i didn't start sooner. It has a plethora of benefits, bringing calmness, serenity and positivity all around you. Both exercising and meditation can take your mind off other things and makes you live in the NOW.

10. Feel gratitude and express it

Expressing Gratitude is a classic way to lower the stress hormones. Take a moment and think about all the people who have contributed to your well being and have helped you along the way. Send them a 'Thank you' message or just call them up and let them know you appreciate and value their presence in your life. This way, you will feel more blessed, motivated and full of positive vibes.


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