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How About Now? - Part 2

While she was realizing something different about the clouds and the setting and the ambiance in her room, it felt as though she were being transported to a very familiar yet strange place. She looked around her, seeing every corner of the room and the clouds, trying to understand her feelings. At the very same time, something happened that amazed her.

The lady in the Naruto episode playing on the laptop said something she couldn't believe her ears. The lady was recalling a memory from her past when her master had referred to the clouds and quoted "Whenever you feel sad, you should look up at the clouds and as the clouds change shape, you can turn them into whatever you wanted. As long as you have hope, the clouds would give you the comfort you needed."

She couldn't believe how perfectly timed everything was, universe giving an answer to her thoughts the very same moment.

She realized that life works in mysterious ways, ways we cannot even imagine. Paying attention to HERE and NOW in the present has always something to tell you. It's upon you to listen.


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