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How About Now? - Part 1

The clouds and the sun seemed to have an orange hue in the sky. The orange light coming through the window in her apartment reflected on the purple bed sheet. It was evening and the only light in the room were that from the clouds and from the laptop on which she was watching Naruto. She saw the clouds outside and then her room. It felt like a distant memory. It seemed unusual, something different, like she was somewhere else, some place she knew she had been before but didn't seem to have any memory of it.

Suddenly she felt something different about the clouds. It felt as though she were a part of some weird wired world, which people call a simulation and clouds had something to do with it, as though they were carriers of something. She wasn't sure what she was experiencing and it felt real to her. But at the very same time, something happened that she couldn't believe....

Stay Tuned for Part 2


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