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Happy Mother's Day!

Imagine those times when you have no one but yourself, fighting alone against all odds, people mocking you, calling you crazy. You are on the verge of giving up, however, striving to keep that ray of hope within you. It was one of those days for her.

She had been going to school everyday to get a chance to see the principal for her 6 year old daughter's admission. It was 1990's, she was new to the city and was trying to get her daughter into one of the the best schools. Unfortunately, the admissions were closed and she had heard that the only other way her child could get in was by offering donation to the school. She did not have such money or resources, however she kept going there with a hope that she could meet the principal and convince her to get her daughter in but the staff never allowed her to. Every single morning, she went there with her daughter and waited outside the office. There were times when she was humiliated and insulted by the people around and would leave but come back again the next day.

One morning, the principal called her and her daughter in the office. She interviewed the daughter and then turning back to the mother said, "I have been observing you since last few days. In spite of people trying to humiliate and insult you, breaking your morale, you have remained persistent in your efforts and stood your ground". She smiled and decided to give her daughter admission without any donation.

Today, after almost 20 years, when her daughter called to wish her 'Happy Mother's Day', she remembered this episode and asked why did she go through so much and suffered all that humiliation just so that she could get in that school. Her mother smiled and said, "It is because i wanted the best for you."

This is dedicated to all the mothers, who go above and beyond to provide the best they can for their children. We love and adore you all.


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