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Ice Breaker Speech 'Frequencies of my Life' at Toastmasters International

Whenever i gave a speech until now, i always thought about the audience. Whether the audience will like it or not, whether they will be impressed or not, etc and that never made my speech as effective as i wanted it to be. This time when i spoke, i decided to be true to myself, i decided to speak what comes from within, i decided to speak without expectations, i decided to speak with nothing but good thoughts and good intention for the audience and when i spoke that way, i felt one with them, the audience could connect with me better and relate to it. That is when i realized that often when we speak, we consider audience as a separate entity from us, because of which we get nervous or have that stage fear. But, once you consider yourself and the audience as one, you connect with them and then there is no room for any fear to seep in. Here, i would like to share that speech 'Frequencies of my life', with a special mention of how Boarding Pass For Success came into being. 🙂

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