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Realization on a Roller Coaster

What does a roller coaster remind you of? The steepness, the twists and turns, the height, rolling inside out, falling down. While most people get excited about the rush and excitement to sit on them, there are a few who cannot let go of the fear and she was one among them. Every time she thought about sitting on the ride, she could not let go of her past ride experience and the fear soon used to engrave her mind. There were times when her friends forcefully made her sit on the ride and she would just close her eyes, holding the handle tight and not letting it go. Fear ruled her entire experience and she missed out so much.

That applied to her life as well, she had faced many ups and downs, rejections and had other experiences that led her to mistrust, fear and self-doubt. That refrained her from trying anything new that came her way and had missed out many opportunities as well. She was stuck.

This time, when she went to the amusement park, something different happened. When she sat on the ride and buckled up, she was all ready to close her eyes, hold the handle tightly and get it over with. But as the ride started ascending, she opened her eyes after a few seconds only to see a majestic view of the mountain, the lake and the sky, a view like she had never seen before. She realized how beautiful it was and how amazing she felt. Then came a time when the ride had reached it's peak and fear engulfed her looking down at the steepness below. Just when she started to close her eyes and firm her grip, she realized she had to face it this time. With much courage, she kept her eyes open no matter what and started letting go of the handle gradually as the ride started descending. When the coaster went down with full speed, her hands went up in the air and totally forgot about her past ride experience. She felt exhilarated and with each fall, she let go of her fears, she let go of her doubts, she let go of all the rejections, she let go of her past and made sure she enjoyed the moment she was in. From that day on wards, she never looked back. She approached each moment of her life as if it were a new experience and never let her fear get in the way to reach her full potential. Often, our mind takes decisions based on past experiences and memories. Even if something wonderful approaches you, your mind starts evaluating, analyzing based on the past and makes you back out. It is a pattern which only you can break by letting it go. It is important to remember the lessons learnt in the past, not the past itself and like Elsa sings in Frozen, "Let it go, let it go, can't hold it back anymore", bring your awareness to the present and embrace it as a new experience with open arms. There will be resistance initially but gradually, you will learn to let go of the handle.

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