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Shreeraj Shah

Mechanical Engineer, Deslauriers, USA

• Work experience of 7+ years in Product Design and Quality Control
• Ex Mechanical Engineer at Caterpillar
• University of Illinois Chicago Alumni



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Why Shreeraj Shah is the right mentor for you?

Land high paying jobs

With Shreeraj's 7+ years of experience, learn about the job opportunities in mechanical, product design and construction industry

Abroad Studies Preparation Strategy

Learn how to choose the right program, courses and university for your masters in USA

Life in USA

Shreeraj can help you with any questions regarding the life in USA, what to expect and how to be better prepared

How it works?

Click on Reserve Your Session button and choose from the available time slots

Pay for the time your mentor invests in you

The session will be conducted via Google meet platform for the duration of 30 minutes

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