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Dr. Jayam Patel

Ph.D in Robotics Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA

• Expert on Human-Robot Interaction
• Mentored 1000+ students in robotics
• Acknowledged by the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi for initiatives in Robotics



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Why Dr. Jayam Patel is the right mentor for you?

Build a strong robotics career profile

Learn about the Robotics and Automation tools and technologies

Learn about high paying jobs and study opportunities in USA & Canada

Help you identify the right course and degree for you including Ph.D, MS and BS

Cutting-edge projects and research

Jayam has worked on numerous research projects and can help you get started

How it works?

Click on Reserve Your Session button and choose from the available time slots

Pay for the time your mentor invests in you

The session will be conducted via Google meet platform for the duration of 30 minutes

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