An Adventure Based Learning Application

Self- Study made interactive with vizualizing STEM concepts and applying to real world 

Grades 8 - 10

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Say NO to Rote Learning

​"Education isn't about the ability to remember and repeat, in which people study just to pass exams, but nobody knows anything. It is the ability to learn from experience, to think, solve problems, and use our knowledge to adapt to new situations." 

- Richard Feynmann

At EdCaliber, we believe in this motto. Our questioning based learning approach along with our adventure tasks, makes self-study interactive and engaging for Grade 8 -10 students.

Application Based Learning

Does your child struggle to remember concepts?

STEM Career Talks

Students can visualize STEM concepts taught in school while relating them with real world applications and technological advancements.

Engaging Content

Does your child lose focus or get bored easily while studying?

STEM Career Talks

Adventure tasks tailored according to the school curriculum helps students stay engaged and provides an immersive learning experience.

Logical Mindset

Does your child just memorize subjects but cannot relate to real world?

Replacing theoretical learning with experiential learning helps students develop analytical and problem-solving skills

STEM Career Talks

Strong STEM Foundation

Does your child forget the concepts after giving the exam?

STEM Career Talks

Our inquiry based learning helps students remeber concepts for a long time, eventually helping them with future careers.

EdCaliber covers the following subjects: